Legacy Cumberland Shuffleboard


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With the success of our Cumberland billiards table, it was only fitting at add a matching shuffleboard. With its stunning design and meticulous craftmanship, the Cumberland shuffleboard will elevate any game room. Strong X leg design, finger jointed cabinet, metal accents, and built in LED lights take this table to the next level.

The 20” wide North American poplar play surface is protected by a 1/4” polymer coating making it nearly indestructible. Climate adjusters allow you to get the table setup for perfect play. The cabinet is available in multiple finishes and is highlighted by the X shaped legs and stretcher for stability. Hidden underneath the cabinet you will find our patented Perfect Drawer to store all your accessories. Included are four red and four black pucks, abacus scorer, table brush, wax, and silicone spray.

Download the Cumberland 9′ Shuffleboard Spec Sheet:
Cumberland 9' Shuffleboard Spec Sheet

Download the Cumberland 12′ Shuffleboard Spec Sheet:
Cumberland 12' Shuffleboard Spec Sheet

Climate Adjusters: Legacy Shuffleboards include climate adjusters to ensure a level and accurate game.

Accessories: Legacy shuffleboards include everything needed to play the game; includes four black pucks, four red pucks, black abacus scorers, table brush, wax, Perfect Drawer and black table cover.

Pucks: 2 – 5/16″ in diameter, 13.1 oz

9′ Dimensions:

Assembled Dimensions: 116.75″ x 34″ x 33″ @ 378 lbs

Playfield Dimensions: 95.50″ x 20″ x 2.5″ with 1/4″ polymer seal with 3 scoring zones

12′ Dimensions:

Assembled Dimensions: 150.75″ x 33.75″ x 33″ @ 665 lbs

Playfield Dimensions: 132.50″ x 20″ x 2.5″ with 1/4″ polymer seal with 3 scoring zones

Multiple Finishes Available

NOTE: Shuffleboard wax beads must be used to in order for the pucks to slide down the playing surface. Never slide a puck with out applying wax beads to the surface.

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9', 12'


Whiskey Barrel, Smoke, Gunshot


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