McDermott DEFY Carbon Fiber Shaft


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DEFY The most advanced carbon fiber shaft ever.
DEFY tradition.
DEFY deflection.
DEFY vibration.
DEFY from McDermott.


Our newly-engineered Defy shaft has a brand new finish that allows it to glide through your hands more smoothly than ever before!

It also features a new ferrule material for enhanced durability.

Introducing Defy — a shaft that defies the stereotype of carbon fiber shafts. Defy gives you the unparalleled accuracy and control that you expect from carbon fiber, but uses state-of-the-art technologies to shatter its limitations. SmacWrap, originally designed for the aerospace industry, absorbs vibration and dampens noise resulting in a confident hit with a soft feel and quiet sound. Our super-smooth coating reduces friction, allowing the shaft to glide through your fingers with ease like a wood shaft. Only Defy’s insane energy transfer and accuracy will remind you that you’re using a carbon fiber shaft. Patent: 11,534,676

Navigator Automatic tips feature pure Japanese pigskin leather with no artificial coloring added. Each tip goes through a month-long manufacturing process that seals in the ideal qualities of the leather, providing a softer, more consistent hit with almost no deformation.


Black Linen (39)

Black Linen (39)
White/Black (27)White/Black (27)
White/Double Black (17)White/Double Black (17)
Black/White (26)Black/White (26)
Black (39)Black (39)
Blue/White (20)Blue/White (20)
Black/Blue (33)Black/Blue (33)
White/Double Brown (16)White/Double Brown (16)
Brown/White (24)Brown/White (24)
Brown/Black (47)Brown/Black (47)
Black/Brown (46)Black/Brown (46)
Red/Black (38)Red/Black (38)
Black/Red (32)Black/Red (32)
Black/Pink (42)Black/Pink (42)
White/Green (31)White/Green (31)
Black/Green (34)Black/Green (34)
Purple/White (43)Purple/White (43)
Black/Purple (41)Black/Purple (41)
Leather (+$80*)
All leather wraps are cowhide or pigskin. Actual leather color and texture may vary.
*$80 applies to new cues that are built to order.
Black Lizard (40L)Black Lizard (40L)
Black McDermott-embossed (40E)Black McDermott-embossed (40E)
Black Pebble (40P)Black Pebble (40P)
Black Pig (40PG)Black Pig (40PG)
Black Elephant (40EL)Black Elephant (40EL)
Black Ostrich (40OS)Black Ostrich (40OS)
Black Shark (40SK)Black Shark (40SK)
Brown Lizard (41L)Brown Lizard (41L)
Brown Pig (41PG)Brown Pig (41PG)
Brown Elephant (41EL)Brown Elephant (41EL)
Brown Ostrich (41OS)Brown Ostrich (41OS)
Dark Brown Pig (44PG)Dark Brown Pig (44PG)
Rust Brown Pig (45PG)Rust Brown Pig (45PG)
Brown Shark (41SK)Brown Shark (41SK)
Red Pig (43PG)Red Pig (43PG)
Cork Wrap (+$80*) *$80 applies to new cues that are built to order.

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