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Railyard. Reclaimed Train Rail and Re-purposed Hardwood Timbers from Century Old Railroads. Shown in Matte Railyard Finish on Hickory.

PREMIUM SLATE: The world’s finest slate is diamond honed to create the perfect playing surface. Each piece of slate is rechecked at our factory for flatness and proper bolt-hole locations, therefore, results in a perfectly level table.

SLATE LINER: Framing the slate ensures quieter play and reduces the stress on the slate. Allows a tighter, faster, professional cloth installation. We bolt through the slate liner. As a result, this eliminates vibration that can cause the rail bolts to loosen.

UNILINER: First of all, it provides a large slate-support area. Also, a quick, more accurate installation. Helps keep slate flat and level. Finally, minimizes wood movement. Uniliner® tested, almost twice as strong as other frame construction methods.

ACCU-FAST CUSHIONS: Accu-Fast® cushions are the best playing cushions in the business. We invite you to take the Accu-Fast® Challenge: “JUST PLAY ON IT.”

FACTORY PRE-FIT FRAME CONSTRUCTION: Built in our factory not in your home. Pre-leveled and squared for faster,cleaner installation.
Allows for triple-check quality control before shipping KD-able for difficult installations.

T-NUT RAIL CONSTRUCTION: Won’t bend and cross-thread. Precise alignment. Longer thread grip, therefore providing easy installation and removal. Eliminates hollow spots under cushions.

PREMIUM WOOD: Olhausen purchases most of its lumber from the Northeastern US where “slow-growth” trees have tighter grains. Tighter grains mean minimal discoloring. It’s simple: Better wood makes for a better table.

All Olhausen pool tables come with a Life-time Warranty.