Spartan SPR08 Blue & Grey, Micarta/Alloy Points


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Tip : 12.75mm Kamui Black Soft Tip
Ferrule : Pro Style XTC
Shaft : 29″ 10-piece Radial Construction Low deflection Pro taper 
Pin : Uni Loc
Collar : Stainless Steel acid burned Spartan helmet with back and silver ring collar
Forearm : Blue stain with grey, Micarta and alloy speared points
Wrap : Black leather wrap
Butt Sleeve : Blue stain with grey, Micarta and alloy speared points
Butt Plate : Acid Burned Stainless Steel Spartan logo
Bumper : Threaded Black Spartan Bumper

Additional Information

  • This cue is weight changeable
  • This cue comes with joint protectors.
  • This cue does not come with an extension.
  • This cue does come with a case.
  • Warranty : Lifetime