Tiger Traveler Series Cue TH-2


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This TH cue features Sneaky Pete design in Bacote, fully spliced into a light color Canadian Hard Rock Maple forearm and accented with black, natural and black point trims. It also features genuine solid Black Irish Linen wrap. Stack or standard leather wraps are available (optional). Extra fees do apply for these options. Thin black phenolic ring complements the butt cap and wood to wood joint creates solid one piece cue look. Each cue features the Ultra-X® high performance patented technology shaft as the standard (low deflection shafts are optional).

New Tiger joint pin is used which helps connect better, faster, stays tighter and adds more solid hit and feel. Cues are sprayed with Aerospace quality UV clear, then hand sanded and polished to perfection. Each cue features the Ultra-X® high performance patented technology shaft and a Tiger joint protectors. Upgrades to low deflection Ultra-X LD or Pro-X shafts are optional.

Standard cue specifications and items included; 

Length 58″ Weight 18.5oz. – 20.5oz.
Shaft – Tiger-X® high performance shaft
Cue tip – Sniper laminated cue tip – 13.00 mm
Ferrule – 1/2″ Saber-T® Tiger ferrule
Joint protector – Tiger joint protectors
Case – Soft black velvet Tiger cue case
Weight 2.00 lbs


Cue Tip & Ferrule Technology

Cue Tip & Ferrule Technology

What makes Tiger tips better than the rest?

Why does every player improve their game dramatically after using Tiger tips?

Why is it the only tip that’s been Guinness World Book of Records, (most balls pocketed in 24 hours)?

Think of any table game you want, Pool, 3 Cushion, One Pocket, Snooker or even Trick Shots, and without a doubt, Tiger is always the best choice!

Why you ask? Well, let’s start with the 90 years of experience and knowledge between our master technicians, add modern technology, lots of research and development and you have yourself the best cue tips in the world. Yes, folks this is where truly Craftsmanship and Technology unite.

Since day one, we at Tiger have manufactured quality laminated cue tips in our factory in Burbank, CA. We run our company with the same values today as we did when we first opened our doors in 1988. We have a beautiful facility, lots of machinery, modern technology and just hands on handcrafting. We are the only manufacturer in USA that makes the laminated cue tips ourselves, unlike most others that just name the same tips made by the same manufacturers in China, ok maybe in different colors. We take every comment and suggestion seriously and we are not afraid to try new concepts to get the best results. We are constantly innovating and coming up with new methods to improve and make the best cue tips for our customers.

Here is how it starts.

A secret tanning formula created by our master craftsmen are combined with concepts that go back hundreds of years. Our selected leathers are tanned exclusively for Tiger. These leathers, are made with one thing in mind, CUE TIPS. We mainly use Boar, Pig and some Cow Leathers to make our laminated cue tips. Resistant to moisture, our tips hold chalk better and last longer. With our one of a kind VACULAM (vacuum lamination) process, our laminated cue tips are the strongest in the world, helping eliminate mushrooming while keeping our leather chemical free. Each layer is hand-picked by our factory technicians, who make sure that they are not only the best of the best in quality, but ensure that each layer has the same characteristics for added consistency.

Each of the finest layers are then collected and aged with Tiger’s own secret process. Advanced Pressurized Process (APP) is used for high end tips for added memory, which adds consistency for individual hardness when it’s new or time to replace the tip. It is a very slow and time consuming process, however the end result is unbelievable to say the least. During this process, we are able to soften the layers, while making the leather firmer. It makes the tip easy to maintain and helps to cut better during repairs. We were the first to introduce the Durometer tester in tip making, to show how consistent our tips are. All of our high end tips are tested individually for quality, cosmetics and hardness, before being packed in a box. We are the number one manufacturer of laminated cue tips in the world today. Most quality custom or production cues come standard with Tiger tips (Everest or Emerald).

Because of high demand and limited production, we have a hard time keeping stock. At times there might be a wait time to get your Tiger tips (1-2 months)

Ferrule Technology

Ferrule is as important part of the cue as the cue tips are. After many years of research for the perfect ferrule material it was obvious, if we wanted the best playing ferrule material on our cues, we needed to make our own. In 2005 after 3 years of experiments, lots of chemical mixing and all kinds of trials and errors a new material was created at Tiger.

Name; Saber-T ferrule.

Saber-T has many of the characteristics you can only get from an Ivory. A material that machines well, sands like wood, polishes well and does not get burn or get damaged by friction. It stays clean, does not swell or get scratched easily. All great qualities for a ferrule, but best part is the pure feel and feedback you get with every shot. We use custom made phenolic tendons to install our ferrules on all of our shafts. This perfect combination helps the shaft to give superior performance and makes our ferrule connection very strong with added pin point accuracy. All our high performance shafts use half inch long ferrules and low deflection shafts quarter inch. At a time when ferrules were over an inch long we were the pioneers of using shorter ferrule concept to add superior performance and better accuracy. Today most high performance or low deflection shafts use short ferrules.

We also offer the standard options for the industry, which is sold by our distributors who sell cue making parts and supplies to cue makers or repairman. Today many of the custom cue makers who only want the best for their cues, use our Saber-T ferrules exclusively. If you want the best for your cue, don’t just ask for ferrules, ask for Saber-T ferrules.

Shaft Technology

Shaft Technology

We at Tiger have experimented the idea of making the perfect shaft a long before we started making it about 12 years ago. We have laminated more pieces, than we use today. We have used different kinds of core systems and materials hoping to create the best shaft. Materials we have tried include; carbon fiber, high quality plastics, phenolic, titanium and everything else you can think of. We came to one conclusion, if you want the best playing shaft, which plays as solid as possible, has the best feel

and cue ball control, you have to use natural wood. If you are playing Pool or Billiards, Hard Rock Maple is the only choice, which has been used for more than a century. Once everything was clear, it was time to create the perfect harmony between number of grains to achieve the radial consistency. It was very important to us how to cut the grain in a way that would keep the integrity of the wood and still have the natural flex and even perfect cosmetic appeal.

Answer our patented 5X laminated technology system.

What is 5X you ask?

5X is a 4 piece lamination process from outside using a same number of grain pieces in each piece. Each piece has straight grain and is aligned so the grains will move towards the center of the shaft creating the perfect X effect. This helps us create the perfect 360 degree radial consistency. The 5th piece is our elongated square going from one end to the other, adding unsurpassed feel, while keeping the integrity of the natural Maple hit and feel. We use all Maple technology for all of our high performance series shafts from inside out and we use some balsa for low to no deflection shafts.

Result, the very best shafts in the world both for high performance or low to no deflection. Our low deflection shafts are the only laminated ones in the world with all wood all solid construction without hollowing the shaft front ends and adding other materials other than wood. By hollowing front end of the shafts you lose the solid hit and feel. By doing so, you lose better cue ball feedback and control. What does this mean? It means if you have the capability to move the cue ball exactly where you want to, you can do it more precisely with our X series shafts than any other shafts in the world today, every shot, every time, guaranteed.

How long does it take to make a shaft?

Well, since we have large selection and inventory of wood, we can be more patient than most production companies. Some of our wood is at least 10 years old, however after we wait, minimum of 1 to 2 years, we can start cutting our shaft wood for production. During the wait time we still cure and stabilize the wood in our factory. Once it is ready for lamination process, it still takes another 6 to 12 months before you get the final product. Each batch is dated and cuts are numbered. We wait at least 1-2 months between each cuts (minimum). We do minimum or 5 cuts before its’ ready to become a final product. Yes, we call this production, since we make more of the same, but we assure you, we do everything and then some more you would normally get from a custom cue maker. Difference is you get a faster service and better price. We use nothing but the best AAA+ Canadian Hard Rock Maple and if it’s not #1, then it won’t be sold. All of this and all proudly made in the USA in our factory in Burbank.

Shaft Joint

Shaft Joint

Our shaft joints and inserts are made with double black linen phenolic tubes and rods. Although Phenolic adds an extra cosmetic touch, it also helps increase power from the joints while keeping the wood to wood feel. The Phenolic is much more durable than wood allowing connections to stay true to their form much longer. All parts are custom made in our factory and threaded to make sure you get the purest hit and solid feel every time.

Tiger offers the most amount of choices when it comes to joint types for our high performance or low deflection shafts. If your cue joint is not a stock item, it doesn’t mean we can’t make it. Although it might fall under a custom category, in most cases Tiger can make it! For more information, ask your local dealer!

Core Technology

Core Technology

Today most cues pretty much look the same from outside, but are they made the same way internally. Actually not most cues are not made the same way, at least ours is not. What makes our cues different, why is Tiger better, why should you buy Tiger cues? These are all great questions and after you take few minutes to read about how it’s made, you will understand why.

We only select and purchase A+ exotic wood from companies around the world, some by personal visits to their plants and some during conventions. Since we buy in large quantities we get better prices than most.

After we purchase the wood we let it cure as long as it takes if possible. If we need to use it in the shortest amount of time, the minimum is 1-2 years. It is not what you see from outside that makes our cues special or stand out from the rest, it is what you don’t see. That’s our internal construction, which has taken many years of trial and error.

Since our 5X patented lamination system has been working great for shafts, we decided to use the same concept as a core in our cues.

What does the core do for the butt of the cue?

It helps to achieve radial consistency, adds solid hit and more power. It helps you moving cue ball better and easier and helps to eliminate any vibration.

What does it do for us?

It allows us to balance each cue weight to an acceptable weight from 17+ to 21 oz and helps us control the perfect balance point for each one.

How is the core made you ask?

5X is a 4 piece lamination process from outside using a same number of wood grain in each piece. All Hard Rock Maple used has straight grain and is aligned so the grains move towards the center of the shaft creating the perfect X effect. This helps us create the perfect 360 degree radial consistency.

The 5th piece is our elongated square going from one end to the other, adding unsurpassed feel, while keeping the integrity of the natural Maple hit and feel. If you want more detailed information, please read it in the shaft technology section for all the benefits of the 5X patented lamination technology system.


Tiger Joint

Cue Joints
Introducing the Tiger® Joint Pin

All new Tiger Cues, X2 and Sneaky Pete series cues made after September 1st, 2016 will come with new Tiger joint pin. Stainless steel is used for Pool and Aluminum for Billiards.  New Tiger pin is specially designed by Tiger Products to give the player, the tightest and most precise connection for a cue.

It is fully guaranteed not to come loose during play. Tiger pin adds consistency, an unsurpassed feel and power to your game every time. It is proudly made in the USA.

Tiger offers the most amount of choices when it comes to joint types for our high performance or low deflection shafts. If your cue joint is not a stock item, it doesn’t mean we can’t make it. Although it might fall under a custom category, in most cases Tiger can make it! For more information, ask your local dealer!

Rubber Bumper & Weight Technology

Rubber Bumper & Weight Technology

After many years of testing different rubber bumpers, we came to one conclusion. If we want the bumpers to perform properly, we need to design our own and ensure it does what a rubber bumper is supposed to do. Most rubber bumpers on cues today are pretty much the same. Since most come from the same factory, they are not specifically made for Billiards.

We custom designed a rubber bumper for a unique look and enhanced performance. You’re probably wondering a rubber bumper for enhanced performance? YES, we make our bumpers with the right angle to protect the butt cap. The quality of the rubber is unlike any in the market, making the Tiger rubber bumpers the most durable in the world. With that said, our bumpers help absorb and eventually eliminate vibration, making every hit a pure one!

The weight bolt system size used for Tiger cue is 5/8 (18)”. One inch bolts are 1 oz and half inch bolts are .5 oz. This allows us and you to adjust the weights from 17+ oz. all the way to 21 oz., while keeping the proper balance for each cue.

Cue Internal Joint

Cue Internal Joint

Cue manufacturers don’t usually talk about the internal cue connection. You don’t see it, but it’s there. At Tiger Products, we don’t just use metal parts you could get at your local hardware store. In fact, we don’t use metal parts at all internally. Each part is made from scratch by our experienced technicians to give you the strongest possible connection. Even if it takes the most expensive materials to create the perfect joint connection, we will use it! We wanted to share this this information with you to help you understand what goes in to making Tiger Cues, and how each detail is a part of what makes Tiger Cues the best in the world!

Tiger Cue X-Tension

“Tiger Cue X-Tension Kit
Tiger Cue X-Tension Kit (Patent Pending)
Works on any cue using 5/8(18) or 3/8(16) weight bolt system.Extension kit is available in 3 different options;Option 1 comes with one 11.5” Extension.
Option 2 comes with two 5.75” Extension one of which has another adapter behind it.
Option 3 comes with one 5.75”, one 3” Extension which which has an adapter behind it.(Everything is available and can be sold separately)Kit includes:1 X-Tension,
1 Rubber Bumper,
1 X-Tension Adapter,
1 Padded Protective Carrying CaseExtension lengths; 11.50”, 5.75” or 3”
Weights; 4.7 oz., 2.9 oz. or 1.9 oz.